If something isn’t working quite right or you need to make a change to your phone system we are here to help. We prefer that you launch a ticket but we understand that sometimes it’s easier to call. We’ll be able to create a ticket on your behalf if you choose to call. We pride ourselves on resolving issues quickly, so to better serve you, here are some common troubleshooting steps you can do to help narrow down the problem.

Dial *43 from any handset to perform an echo test. You will hear an explanation of what the echo test is and then be able to speak and hear your voice repeated back to you. If you can hear yourself during the test, then your phone is working properly.
Try to call your cell phone or an automated system such as the local time and temperature number. Call Dayton’s at 937-499-1212 If you can do this then you are communicating to the outside world with no issues.
If you can call into your phone system, then likely there is nothing wrong with receiving calls from others.
Test your Internet connection by using our online diagnostic tools.

Speed Test Network Quality Test

If you are getting ping times higher than 100ms or getting very low speeds, something might be going on with your internet provider or there is a lot of network activity going on at your location such as a large file upload/download.

With this information, you can help narrow down the issue and we will be able to solve the issue quickly.

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For convenience you can create a ticket by sending an email to or visit the support center by clicking below.

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